Architect Sofia Alemani, after various experiences in the field of architecture and art she has decided to dedicate herself to her greatest passion: designing & creating Fashion Line of clothes.

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Sofia Alemani Fashion Creative was born in 2010, a young brand that today has several F/W and S/S collections made up of a series of exclusive creations designed on demand. Since her first collections, Sofia Alemani has participated to several fashion weeks, the launch pad was the International Couture catwalk during AltaRoma then Milan, the fashion city and after this Monte-Carlo, the show-biz city. Significant were the rewards obtained in the "Muuse & Vogue Talents" competition organized by Vogue Italia magazine.
The fashion project conceived by Sofia Alemani emerges thanks to her unconventional inspiration and talent. Her fashion house creates unique master pieces, exclusive tailor-made, couture garments. Sofia Alemani still an accessible fashion line, pleasant to wear both for special occasions such as anniversaries and parties or for everyday life.





Sofia Alemani's attitude towards stuff and textile, for the creation of unique pieces, still full of curiosity and spontaneity. Fabric research is a must where various elements are mixed together to create a unique creation where nothing is marginal and nothing is taken for granted. The inspiration leads the fashion designer to design, create and concretely build fashion garments that stand out from her ability to concentrate, unite and collect new perceptions along with deep proposals that are still unexplored.

The fabrics used by the fashion creative are precious, some of them are sparkling, or gilded and luminescent, other are coated with metal or sequins, silks and transparent organza, antique and precious lace enriched with embroideries handmade both in combination and in contrast with poor fabrics such as ropes, nets and some recycled materials. Furthermore, Sofia Alemani manages through every creation to transform the stuff into something original thanks to her strong focus on the continuous exploration all textiles companies located within the rich historical district of Como and its surroundings. This care allows her to give to the garments produced an authentic Italian excellence.

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The Fashion Creative Sofia Alemani refection: "Creating clothes means giving an existing part of me, which derives from my life, from my experiences, from the truths, from the conquests and from the losses and specially from my heart".

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